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Главная » 2009 » Октябрь » 13 » Torres: “Playing for Liverpool and in the Premier League, has a major impact”
Torres: “Playing for Liverpool and in the Premier League, has a major impact”

Torres: “Playing for Liverpool and in the Premier League, has a major impact”


Over the weekend Fernando Torres spoke to Spanish newspaper 'AS'. The sports dedicated publication popped some quick-fire questions to the striker on a range of subjects, from the national team to Liverpool. The Premier League goal-machine, who against Bosnia will be aiming to shoot his country to a record-breaking tens wins out of ten in qualifying, spoke to Joaquín Maroto.

- A Spaniard sitting top of the Premier League score charts. Congratulations!

Thank you, but the season has just got underway. I would like that the run continues, as we strikers need to be scoring goals. The season is still young though, and it will be tough at the top. I’m going to stick to my job… that’s never going to change.

- Half the World has us down as favourites for the World Cup.

Well I don't think that's best for us. We did better at the European Championships when were in the running, but nothing more. If anything, the Confederations Cup helped us realise that if you have a bad day at the World Cup, you can be on your way home. And it need not be against a World Cup winning team. All the countries that make the finals are capable of causing an upset.

- You have just released a book, and Atletico Madrid seems to appear quite lot...

It’s to be expected. Atletico is the club where I have spent the most part of my career. Everyone knows where my roots are, and it’s something that I will never forget.

- I suppose that you keep track of how Atletico are doing...

Yes. I keep up to date with the goings on in the Spanish league, paying special attention to Atletico Madrid.

- There’s a national debate back home about starting games at 3 O’clock in the afternoon just like in England. What are your thoughts?

It’s about time they started, because if La Liga wants to challenge the Premier League, they need to be kicking-off earlier. The Premiership is the most followed domestic competition worldwide, and it is much better organized than the Spanish league. I’m not focusing on one small detail, it’s across the board. Part of the league’s success lies in the kick-off times as fans across the World, especially in the Middle-East and in Asia can watch games live at a reasonable time. The powers that be in England spotted this goldmine before anyone else. In Europe, the common thought is that a country must control how the league is run nationally, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Football is universal and attracts interest from all four corners.

- That probably explains why when Spain arrived in Armenia, the centre of attention was… Fernando Torres.

Playing for Liverpool and in the Premier League, has a major impact. I’m happy with how things are going for me. Spain also has players with influence and how attract attention, you just have to look at the welcome Iker Casillas receives.

- More and more players are leaving the Premier League to ply their trade in La Liga...

I’m happy at Liverpool. We’ve still got three Spain internationals on our books: Reina, Riera and myself...

- Are you missing Xabi Alonso?

Yes, quite a lot. Xabi was Liverpool’s engine room. But we have signed Aquilani, and he’ll soon be helping us. With Xabi Real Madrid made a great signing.

- And what about Cristiano Ronaldo?

Another magnificent signing. I’ve played against him on several occasions, and he’s world class. He’s not just a player who can win you matches, he’s a player that can win you titles. Real Madrid will improve with Ronaldo, I have no doubt about that.

- What are you wishes for the season?

That Liverpool do well both in the Premier League and in the Champions League, and that the Spain players arrive for next summer’s World Cup in South Africa in the best possible shape.

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